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5 simple steps to setup app-ads.txt in AdMob

You would be seeing a warning message in your AdMob page, to add app-ads.txt file in your website to protect your apps revenue. we will know how to get rid of that message by the end of this page. First we will study about app-ads.txt file. What is app-ads.txt? Authorized Sellers or a pp-ads.txt, is an IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) Tech Lab initiative designed for protecting app ad inventory. It helps ensure your app ad inventory is only sold through channels you have identified as authorized by specifying in the txt file. Creating app-ads.txt file gives you more control who's allowed to sell ads on your app and helps prevent online ad fraud. App publishers can do this by adding the app-ads.txt file to their website, and specifying website URL in the app store listing. Example of app-ads.txt file format: Your app-ads.txt file must be formatted as specified by the IAB Tech Lab in order to be verified. But don't be panic. Your Admob provides a personalized code sn