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Create your first android application

When I start writing this blog I remembered the initial days of developing my first android application. I was working for a company as a senior software engineer to develop applications for blackberry devices. That time (in 2012) already Android boom was suppressing blackberry development in JAVA. So I decided to shift my technology from blackberry to android. For that I had to first convince my project delivery head that I could develop Android apps too. So, I took a first step and started researching android development process by following   and with the help of some android developers from the same company I created my first "Hello World" android app. In the process of android app development I learnt, unlike J2ME and Blackberry you no need to code for UI in android. You can just create your own screens by drag and drop of UI elements of texts, buttons, images etc., in layout files in the  res folder. So, you can just concentrate